Wednesday, August 31, 2016

My submission to the Planning Inspectorate objecting to the Silvertown Tunnel proposals

My submission exactly as sent:

I am writing to object to the proposed Silvertown Tunnel for the following reasons:

1. New roads generate more traffic. The tunnel won’t make the road network more resilient – it’ll only increase congestion. I live off the South Circular road which is regularly heavily congested and backs up when the tunnel is closed, with jams spreading out into local side roads. An increase in traffic generated by the proposed tunnel will make these jams an even more regular event.

2. The scheme will not support regeneration in the affected areas, as claimed, and won’t provide the promised economic and social benefits.

3. TfL has not properly considered alternatives, including new public transport and better management of the existing network.

4. Risks to the Maritime Greenwich World Heritage Site have not been properly considered.

5. TfL hasn’t given adequate information on the environmental impacts of the scheme (for example, its air quality assessments are still preliminary ones).

6. There isn’t adequate mitigation for noise pollution, particularly along the A2 and A12 corridor.

7. The environmental impact of better access for HGVs and buses has not been properly considered.

8. TfL has not properly considered the effects of tolling on the wider road network. If Rotherhithe Tunnel remains free this is likely to increase traffic in Deptford, Greenwich, Poplar and Limehouse.

9. There’s been insufficient consultation with communities that will be affected by the scheme. In particular, my borough of Lewisham was not included as one of the three main affected boroughs despite the fact that its road network is very likely to carry a heavy burden of Silvertown tunnel traffic. The council and the borough's residents have not been properly consulted with - Lewisham council's response was simply considered along with those from the wider London area and there were no consultation events for Lewisham residents.

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