Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lewisham hospital maternity - second time around

Well, I think things have improved since February 2007. Or perhaps I was just more prepared this time? Or perhaps a bit of both.

Again no gripes at all with the delivery side of things. And still very grateful to the midwife and student midwife who picked up that Claudia was breech, thus saving me a lot of pain and hassle. The elective c-section went really well and recovery seems much better than from an emergency section.

What I would say is don't go for an elective section on a Friday. None of the things that run during the week happen on the weekend, so the on site breastfeeding support isn't there when you need it, which could really be an issue when the first few days matter so much to success. Really unimpressed with the paediatrician wanting to top her up with formula on day 3. And thanks to the midwives who all supported me in not doing that.

I don't think 2 nights/3 days is long enough to be in after a section and I'm glad I stayed the extra night to sort out feeding etc. The midwives can still be a bit brusque but I handled it better this time I think. It would be nice to have a bit more empathy on night 1 when you can't get out of bed and baby is crying, rather than saying, leave her crying in the cot! Apart from that no real complaints all things considered.

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