Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Catford's "poo patrol" take matters into their own hands

Residents of Catford's Corbett Estate have decided to act over the levels of dog poo being left around the allotments on Hazelbank Road. Overnight these chalk markings have appeared, encircling the offending excrement piles, and imploring dog owners to have some respect.

The area around the allotments appears to be a popular dumping ground for people to bring their dogs to do their business and simply leave the droppings behind rather than clearing it up. Presumably this is under some misguided notion that leaving poo by some allotments doesn't affect anyone.

This is obvious nonsense, and people who have to walk their children to school along "poo road" as my children affectionately call it, appear to have had enough.

In the past the council would have cleared this mess up on a fairly regular basis, but with cuts to street cleaning and weed control, the section of pavement surrounding the allotments is in a pretty terrible state.

What do you think? Is this a good tactic to get people to stop letting their dogs poo wherever they like? Can foxes read? Should the council be clearing this stuff up more regularly?

More poo news as we get it!


Sally said...

can foxes it....

MV said...

Seems to me like frustration. But who knows, shame can be a motivator, it might just work.

The council only cleans Hazelbank Rd once a week - so there's a lot of litter at the end of that cycle, especially given that there are two large schools nearby (hence drink cartons, crisp wrappers etc.). It seems to me that if the street was generally cleaner, the litterers might feel less like it's fair game.