Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Costa comes to Catford

Well, well, well. I started this blog in 2006, but recently hived off all the personal stuff into a different place to keep this one for more local issues as well as things that take my interest but that aren't so personal. This means that the first post that now appears here is this one from 2007, bemoaning the fact that Stratford had gained a Starbucks and Catford most certainly hadn't.

Fast forward almost six years and here we are in 2013. The Olympics have been and gone and Stratford is well and truly on the up. As for Catford, well, no sign of a Starbucks as yet, although with their reputation being pretty much rock bottom over their tax affairs at the moment maybe that's no bad thing.

However, just last week Catford gained a Costa Coffee. It's next to Sapporo on the Broadway and looks pretty big from the outside. I think it's actually open now too, which it wasn't when I took this photo. As far as I know Costa pay their taxes, so maybe this isn't a bad thing. On the other hand there are already quite a few independent coffee shops on the Broadway and I wonder how this will affect them? I guess if it attracts new people to shop in Catford it's not a bad thing. I wait with interest to see what happens next.

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