Monday, March 26, 2007

Stratford has a Starbucks

london geezer

Oh man, I cannot believe that Stratford has a Starbucks before Catford! Ah well, who needs it when you have Caravello round the corner. Was there again today - I think the woman who runs it is starting to recognise me! Mind you with a bright yellow bugaboo it's hardly difficult to miss me.

Spent today property hunting for friends. Everything is flying off the market as fast as it goes on atm, particularly if it costs less than 300K. The fab house I spotted on Friday has already gone. Total bummer. Prices are also climbing way too fast for people trying to get a foot in the door. The question that is vexing me is how to find out about the good places so that you can be the first to see them rather than finding out they have already gone when you call up about them.