Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Catford Bridge Tavern latest

After not much activity for a while, a planning application has been submitted for the Catford Bridge Tavern and it is due to be heard on Thursday 18th February.

The proposal has been submitted on behalf of the current leaseholders, Solitaire, and is as follows:

The construction of a single storey extension with roof terrace at lower ground level round the back by the station. and a roof extension at second floor level, also at the back. Crucially the proposal also ask for approval to convert the upper floors from pub use (class A4) to residential (class C3). The upper floors haven't been open to the public in all the time I've known the pub, so I don't know when they were last used as part of the pub. The planned extension would increase the available pub space at lower ground floor level. The application also says that the plan is to use the same supplier of roof tiles as supplied the existing tiles, and that those that survived the fire would be reused.

The proposals would mean 1 one bed and 5 two bed flats would be built, with rooflights in the rear slope. Cycle storage would be provided. The building is of course locally listed and has Article 4 protection which means there are no permitted development rights. The key thing here is that it is my reading of the situation that the pub will not be developed without the flats being approved, because it isn't thought to be economically viable. An application to convert the upstairs into flats has been turned down once but this was when the proposal was to convert the downstairs into retail. Now the plan is to keep the pub downstairs, so this may mean it will be approved, but this isn't certain because of the problems that ensue with noise complaints when people move into flats built near pubs (see the Pelton Arms in Greenwich for a recent example...) The noise issue is addressed in the application and it concludes by saying that officers are satisfied that enough is being proposed to mean that there would not be an impact on the ability to operate as a pub with residential accommodation above.

Interestingly the proposal is also to remove the parking spaces outside the pub and widen the pavement, in my opinion a good thing.

The report, to my reading, seems to be recommending approval. If you want to, you can probably go along and see for yourself - the meeting starts at 7:30pm at the town hall.

Update: The application was approved at the planning meeting,