Thursday, May 03, 2007


Now don't get me wrong. Generally I think the new leisure centre in Downham is fab, but I do want to have a tiny moan about the pool timetable. There is no morning time when you can take a baby swimming during the week. The one possible day (Thursday) both the learner pool and main pool are restricted to 60+ social swim. Why does it have to be in both pools? Surely the 60+ people could go in the main pool so mums and tots could use the learner pool. We tried to persuade them of that today but they wouldn't let us in, even though no 60+-ers used the learner pool the whole time we were there. The only other time we could go with babies is 3-4pm, when the learner pool is general swim. Unfortunately the creche only runs in the morning, as they failed their OFSTED. So we have the daft situation of the creche being on at the same time as 60+ swim, cos obviously loads of 60+-ers want to leave their babies in the creche and go for a swim. and mums of 2 can't leave the older one in creche and take their baby in for a swim. HARUMPH. To top it off, they have a "meet the manager" session next week, but guess what? It is running from 2-8 so I can't go!!!

Also the coffee was cold. Twice. Not on.