Monday, April 02, 2007


litter - dowanhill road se6
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Apparently Lewisham was in the final of Britain's cleanest town, as I discovered reading the Lewisham News blog. Well this picture perhaps gives some clue as to why it failed to win (apart from the fact that Lewisham is a London borough, not a town). This sort of litter is quite typical round and about the Corbett estate, sadly. It tends to fly out of people's skips when they are doing work on their houses, or out of people's wheely bins (there are a lot round here with no lids). I'd say it's more of a problem here than graffiti, which was definitely not the case in Lee, where we used to live, where graffiti was definitely a bigger issue. The other thing we get a lot of is poo. Be it fox, or dog it is extremely unpleasant. So come on Lewisham council, Catford is part of Lewisham too and it deserves some of your attention when it comes to street cleaning!

(Am I starting to sound like Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells??)


Anonymous said...

I wonder if the dumping situation would improve if it was easier to get rid of larger items.

To my knowledge, when I was in the borough the only dump was located along Surrey Canal Road at the back of SE14 iirc. It was the sort of place you could have easily missed. Another drop off point closer to Catford might help the problem.

Anonymous said...

Hi Clare,
I'm responsible for Lewisham's street cleansing service. I will ask our people to take a look at the issues you raise. I must say, though, the picture you posted does show a well swept street behind the dumped cardboard box! It's really difficult to keep on top of that kind of behavior, but we'll keep at it. You can post photos like this straight to our 'Love Lewisham' site (link below) and we will sort the problem quickly. Best wishes, Nigel Tyrell. Head of Environment. L B Lewisham.

Clare Griffiths said...

Thanks for the reply! Very unexpected. I've never seen the street cleaners around here. Although I don't doubt they do come round, since the streets are usually pretty well swept. As I say, most of the rubbish seems to have come from people's skips and occasionally bins. There were a lot of problems around Xmas time when bins were overflowing with rubbish and it was spreading around the street at will. There are also problems with rubbish dumped in people's front gardens. Though obviously nothing the council can do about this, it does spoil the look of the streets a bit.

Anonymous said...

Hi there

ever seen this website? You can upload your pic and ask them to come and remove the rubbish:
Catfordian from Killearn Road

Clare Griffiths said...

Thanks for the link! That page is a veritable minefield of dumping issues to resolve ;-)