Monday, August 11, 2008

Mountsfield Park


Visited the new wooden play area at Mountsfield Park yesterday (at least I think it is what's new!). It's ace. J really enjoyed toddling around and there are plenty of places for 38 weeks pregnant ladies to perch and watch (unlike Forster park where there is one bench too far away from the equipment to be any use). This is a pic of him playing the xylophone with Daddy - they both loved it! J also loved the slide, though he preferred it when he was being helped down by Daddy rather than just let go (ahem!)

All we need there now is a cafe and a toilet and we will be sorted. Is it in this area where the cafe is planned for or has it been built in another part of the park and we just didn't find it (very possible)?

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Wulf said...

I was expecting that a temporary cafe (and toilets) would have been installed by now but I missed the last "Friends of Mountsfield Park" meeting and haven't heard any more.

I hope it isn't too long before they get sorted (after all, summer 2008 is almost over) as I think such things would be a huge benefit to helping the park move forward in a positive direction.