Monday, September 15, 2008

Lewisham country fayre

cornmill gardens
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Well we made it to Cornmill Gardens for the country fayre. We had a great time and the kids enjoyed their first Chas and Dave gig! Cornmill Gardens is great - a really good job done there I think. C&D were awesome as ever, as was the sausage man's Lewisham hotdog. James wolfed his down with glee!

We walked back, not fancying a packed bus with a boy in pushchair and girl in sling. I was pleasantly surprised to not be too shattered by the walk too, which is good.

Oh, and we bought a couple of delicious pork pies from one of the stalls on the way home too! More photos here.


Andrew Brown said...

Sorry not to see you there. We were up near the stage for most of the afternoon; suffering/enjoying the Lewisham's got talent performances.

Anonymous said...

We were positioned just to the right of your photo!

Clare I've finally added your blog to my links list, about time too!