Thursday, January 14, 2010

Oyster PAYG is here!

14/365 Oyster PAYG is here!
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This is rather a dull subject and a pretty terrible photo to boot but it's something (sadly) close to my heart. Finally we have Oyster Pay As You Go on National Rail Services in London. It doesn't work perfectly (see Darryl at 853 and Boris Watch for more info), but it does mean that people like me who don't travel into Central London every day can finally use our Oyster cards and (hopefully) not lose out.

No more queuing for a paper ticket in the morning, missing my train in the process! The 'beep' of the Oyster reader at Hither Green station this morning was very satisfying. (See I said it was sad).

Mind you, I'm not convinced all is well with my journey - my walk through Southwark station this evening appeared to cost me the princely sum of £6. Yes, that's £6. Unfortunately it's 48 hours before I can check it out on the Oyster website...

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