Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Do Blue

285/365 Do Blue
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For World Arthritis Day, the Arthritis Foundation is encouraging everyone to "Do Blue" today, Tuesday 12 October, from lighting up national landmarks in blue, like Niagara Falls, to wearing blue shoes and other apparel.

World Arthritis Day has been celebrated 1996 by ARI (Arthritis Rheumatism International) first. It is being celebrated each year on October 12th.

The aims of World Arthritis Day are:

To raise awareness of arthritis in all its forms among the medical community, people with arthritis and the general public
To influence public policy by making decision-makers aware of the burden of arthritis and the steps which can be taken to ease it
To ensure all people with arthritis and their caregivers are aware of the vast support network available to them.

I am taking part in this photo-a-day project today in memory of my Nan, who suffered with arthritis for a long time. x

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