Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lewisham Bloggers Knitting Sub-group Meet

The knit nurse and I met up for a nice lunch at the Tate Gallery today and I took the opportunity to get some help with my knitting. I think it would be fair to say it's not going all that well. My tension is all wrong (maybe I am too tense) and I'm struggling for motivation. I've decided to invest in a different pattern and some yarn (and perhaps borrow some needles from mum :D) and try something that will help me learn rather than just confuse and frustrate me! I haven't decided exactly what to make as yet, but it will be very simple and something where I can see my progress and be motivated by it.

I still want to try and finish the scarf so we'll see. There's a few of us at work that knit and/or crochet so maybe we'll have some lunchtime meets too - you never know it might even raise our morale a notch or two (let's face it, it couldn't be much worse!)

Thanks for a great lunch - we'll have to do it again before I leave Pimlico for good.


DDKK said...

Have you burned the evil yarn yet?! I am sending you some pattern ideas and links, something to do in the office to raise your morale ;-)

Anonymous said...

What you need is some dishcloth cotton, large needles, a dishcloth a day and useful too!

(only joking) love mum xx