Thursday, June 05, 2008

Goodbye brown bins

Not the world's best photo (nice one Mike!) But this picture shows all our brown bins from the garden waste trial being collected. Does this mean the council have decided to give up on the idea of a garden waste collection despite the trial being a success (or did they decide it wasn't a success)?

I am gutted! We thought it was a great idea and really made use of the bin.


Anonymous said...

The brown bin trial (which came about as a result of a Green Group budget amendment last year!) was a success, with an impressive tonnage of green waste being diverted from the incinerator. Unfortunately the money allocated was for a 6-month trial only.

As chair of the sustainable development committee, I am currently waiting to receive a draft of the borough's new waste strategy, and very much hope that a permanent roll-out of the green waste collection service to a larger number of homes will be among the proposals in the strategy, but I don't know yet. When I know more, I'll post details on my blog.

Clare Griffiths said...

Hi Sue - thanks for replying! I do hope the brown bins will carry on. The trial has been over for a while (6 months or so) and they've only just taken away the bins. Seems a bit of a waste to take them away only to have to redeliver them if the scheme does go ahead. Perhaps some residents had complained.

Anonymous said...

Hi Clare. I am really pleased that you were happy with our brown bins. As Lewisham's cabinet member for customer services, with responsibility for the environment, I am also pleased to report that the green waste pilot, and the smaller refuse bin/ larger recycling bin pilot, which was carried out in another part of the borough, were both successful. We have this data, and we are awaiting some more which we will use to inform Lewisham Council's new waste strategy. Thank you again for your positive comments. Susan Wise