Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Latest Lewisham Life

This could be just my reading of the latest missive from Lewisham Council, but I think the latest Lewisham Life enewsletter (Sign up to receive your own copy here) suggests that the Council going ahead with seeking a judicial review over the Lewisham hospital decision isn't totally certain.

At the last council meeting my understanding of the discussion was that legal advice had been received on the response to the council's pre-action notice (required in law before a judicial review can be sought) and that the advice suggested the council should go ahead and seek a judicial review.

However, the latest enewsletter says Before making its next move the Council is taking legal advice on responses to the pre-action protocol letter that it sent in February.

I hope this is just a question of timing and not indicative that a judicial review may not actually go ahead after all. Watch this space.


blogmywiki said...

Is it possible Lewisham Life has a long lead-time to press and the information is now out-of-date?

blogmywiki said...

Sorry, you said eNewsletter. I should read things more carefuly!

Clare Griffiths said...

Well, seems I was wrong to be worried and the judicial review request is on! Phew.