Thursday, May 22, 2014

Lewisham 2014 - today's the day!

After months of campaigning, leaflets and door knocking, the big day is here! What can we expect when the results are counted in Lewisham's elections tomorrow?

Bob from Brockley has some great analysis covering a few of Lewisham's wards, what of the others? (You can see a list of candidates for all the wards here)

Well, as I call it Bellingham, Catford South, Perry Vale, Rushey Green, and Sydenham all already have 3 Labour councillors and I can't see any other party challenging them.

In Blackheath, Kevin Bonavia and Amanda de Ryk will be hoping to hold onto their seats for Labour and perhaps take a third. I'm not sure if they'll manage it, although the Lewisham LibDems seem to have disappeared altogether, their twitter account hasn't posted since March, so perhaps the LibDems have given up.

Grove Park will be an interesting ward, with two Tory councillors voted in at the last election, that now reducing to one with the defection of David Britton to Labour. I stuck my neck out in March and said that the remaining Conservative would lose her seat, and it's always possible that UKIP will split the Tory vote to allow that to happen. I'll stand by my prediction, just to make things interesting!

I think Labour will take all three seats in Lee Green, with the LibDem vote collapsing, and I think they'll take the remaining seat in Whitefoot, an interesting little ward at the very south of Catford and north of Downham.

People Before Profit's candidate in Lewisham Central has been criticised for tacking "Save Lewisham Hospital" onto his party name, and quite rightly so. Let's hope voters aren't confused. I predict all three seats will be Labour here.

Well, I think that just about covers it, let the voting begin and let's hope for Lewisham's sake that we still have someone to scrutinise Labour on the council after the count is done tomorrow.

(Thanks to @NikkiCoates for the inspiration for today's theme tune.) 


Mike Keogh 4th in Ladywell and Mayoral Election, just said...

What a Redwash overall! Greens came second overal! No mention in this post about Greens! Thank you to all our supporters turning out and the team behind our campaign. We are now seen as the only opposition in Lewisham! John Coughlin is a very capable and passionate man who will continue Darren's legacy in Brockley ward and Lewisham as a whole. Letters to the National media will be written (again) about the lack of fair coverage for the Greens!

Clare Griffiths said...

I honestly thought the Greens didn't have a chance with Darren leaving and I'm very pleased they are there. The reason this post didn't mention them is that I was only covering the wards Bob didn't, and therefore didn't include Brockley, or Ladywell. I suspected the LibDems might do badly but I didn't want to let me own anger at the party cloud my judgement on how they'd do in the elections. But clearly others think as I do...