Saturday, May 24, 2014

Lewisham Council results 2014

I was going to write a long and detailed post analysing all the stats on this, but Lewisham Council have made it easy for me by failing to publish detailed ward breakdowns of results so far, so here's a quick summary.

As predicted, Steve Bullock won the mayoral election and I'm guessing that as he got over 50% on first preference votes, we'll never get to know how huge his vote would have been including second preferences. Interestingly, the Conservative candidate came second, with Duwayne Brooks third and Mike Keogh of the Greens fourth. Brooks appeared to have resigned from the LibDems altogether once this result came in, pre-empting his defeat in Downham ward:

Sir Steve tweets very occasionally as @mayorbullock, if you're into that sort of thing.

As for the ward elections, Labour took 53 of the 54 seats, smashing my prediction of 50, and in fact I got the opposition wrong, with a single Green retaining a seat in Brockley to make up the 54. Darren Johnson and his team put in a huge amount of effort to achieve that, and Darren was suitably delighted:

I've made a twitter list of the 42 of the 54 councillors who are on twitter and if the council ever get round to publishing the detail, I might do some kind of statsy analysis of the results later.

Mike Harris, outgoing Labour councillor for Lewisham Central ward, has some interesting thoughts on what the one party state means for Lewisham politics, and puts out a challenge to local bloggers to form some kind of unofficial opposition. A challenge, and a discussion for another post.

Alternative SE4 has a nice visual image of the council chamber, making a refreshing change from exploding 3D pie charts and stacked 3D bar charts we've seen elsewhere (yes, Bexley Council and EastLondonLines, I'm looking at you...)

To be completely fair to ELL though, they did a great job live blogging election results across their patch, including Lewisham, and even produced a new version of their dodgy chart, just for me...

They did something the rest of the local media couldn't manage, so well done to them.


max said...

WE still don't know how many votes the other candidates received, nevertheless I doubt that Labour received 98% of the votes, but gained 98% of the Council seats nearly eliminating scrutiny over the Labour Party of Lewisham.
This election explodes any argument for FPTP. The people of Lewisham don't have a functioning system of check and balances and it's a tragedy.

Clare Griffiths said...

We know now, and the Labour party got just over 50% of the votes.